Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should I consider calling an electrician?

A. Whenever you have any electrical need or problem

Q. Why would I need a new electrical circuit?

A. You might have a short, outdated plugs and switches, no ground, more power

Q. What do I do if my circuit keeps overloading?

A. Call electrician, take some of the load off the circuit

Q. I have too many power strips behind my entertainment center and want to reduce the clutter. How can Chill Electric help me?

A. Add receptacle behind

Q. Do you install ceiling fans?

A. Yes we install ceiling fans

Q. Can you change an existing switch to a dimmer switch?

A. Yes you can if the dimmer is compatible with the fixture

Q. Why is a breaker in my panel feel hot to touch?

A. Breaker might be old, circuit might be using to much load ,loose wire, or a short circuit

Q. How can I tell when an electrical outlet is not safe or needs to be replaced?

A. No ground, loose connection, arcing