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Electric cars are a fantastic, environmentally friendly choice. At-home charging makes this option even more convenient. The team at Tarique Wilson prioritizes helping our environment, so we offer electrical car charger installation services. We'll install a charger in your home to make electric car ownership easy.

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Why you should go electric

Why you should go electric

Making the switch to an electric car is a great choice for any family. Electric vehicles are:

  • Convenient- You won't have to make trips to the gas station
  • Cost-effective- You'll save money by avoiding fluctuating gas prices
  • Environmentally friendly- You can do your part to help the environment
If you buy an electric car, trust us with your electrical car charger installation. As long as you have the space for a charger, we'll install it correctly. With convenient, at-home charging, you can maximize the benefits of your new car. Call 774-535-6973 now if you have any questions about at-home chargers.